Alzheimer Torah Code with an amazing extension Alzheimer's Diseased.

Brain Defect, Iodine in to Disease, Seizure, Source, Utterance.

Does the Torah Code give us the cure for Alzheimer's with Iodine?


COVID-19 has one occurrence in the Torah Codes and extends to "COVID-19 Weak/Faint".

Lord Ra-El, Ra-El, Effect, Sulfuration, Importer, God Knows.

SULFURATION - an acidic compound, to combine or treat with sulfur or a sulfur compound.

First published on the 12th Feb 2020, looks like fakebook deleted the original post.

Pineapple is a good source of bromelain, a sulfur-rich proteolytic enzyme that is an anti-inflammatory.


"The Corona Bat" Torah Code.

And The Bat, Evil in 2020-21, Abysmal, Impoverishment, Repentance, Sigh, Alertness.
Lev 11:13-19 And these ye shall have in detestation among the fowls; they shall not be eaten, they are a detestable thing: ... and the bat.


The Corona That...That Virus - Torah Code.

Deceit, Body, Merging/Syneresis, Insolence, Membraneous, Endemic, Silencing.


A HUGE Torah Code - "Corona T Blood Raw The Cell".

A further 15 letter secondary term "Heat will Burn Vaccines Fire".

Profitable, Apposition, Development, Dosage, Reduced, Final Ones.


Corona Sign - 1 Torah Code, a Sign from Elijah and God.

Sign Ra-El, Elijah, You're in M.Harr.
Originally found by Rabbi Glazerson.


Interesting Torah Code for "Delta Virus"

Funeral Yes, Aim/Regulate, Mapping, Forward, Ra-El.

The Torah Code has an Equidistant Letter Skip of 5780, which is the Biblical year of the year 2020AD when the Delta Virus was first discovered in India.


ZIKA VIRUS - only code found.



A very simple Torah Code: LABORATORY - 1 result - EL MEDICAL.


DNA Spiral Who?

Who Ra-El From, Code, The Welder, Thymus.

An important Torah Code initially discovered by Michael Drosnin.