8 codes were found on the search term RAYEL SAVIOUR, 

Saviour could also translate as SAVING, RESCUER, LIFEGUARD, SAVIOR. 


This first code is also a picture code. A man holding the Government in one hand while the other is about to fall on it in Holy (Olin) judgement. This code also shows the age of RAYEL - 44 during the year 2012. The code also mentions his enlistment date into the Navy. 


To Ascend RayEl Saviour-Accompany. 


RayEl Saviour thence. RayEl from whom Rabbi from. Beraiah - The Lord has created. Jehoram - God is Exalted. 


With Light RayEl Saviour, RayEl our Father so from. 


RayEl Saves us Eve of Six, Described Anbaric Persuasion.