The following 4 codes were found on the search term 'The Alien Invasion'


 ANGELIC - THE ALIEN INVASION - MACROCOSM NOVEMBER THE 5th - NIBIRU also has 3 occurrences and RAYEL has 2 in this matrix.




RayEl Enlil (Lord of the storm/wind) has 2 codes. 


 The following codes were found on the search term ANUNNAKI


For the following code i emulated Sherry Shriners code search on Annunaki. The following is showing the words around the main term. Hanniel means Favor of God and actually crosses through the main term. Lear runs beside ANNUNAKI and also in the same column. 


Now this is Sherry Shriners same code as above but she has intentionally left out the longer words that contradicted what she wanted to portray and has included a number of short words spread out over the page, a real mess and very deceptive. 

The picture is unclear so here is her link