1 code discovered for TRULY THE MESSIAH with the extension TOGETHER.



The following 5 codes were found after an American named Lord RayEl (short for Raymond Elwood Lear) claimed to be the Messiah. The Following Bible Codes were found with Keys to the Bible software. All of my searches have been done using the correct Hebrew spelling for RayEl. Another 4 codes were found using another alternative spelling of Messiah.

RayEl Messiah, Sovereign, Eliane - God has answered, Jehovah is God.


RayEl Messiah Prithee, Yad Vashem - Jewish Holocaust Memorial.


RayEl Messiah, Joiada - whom Jehovah favours, Yahweh knows.


Fourth RayEl Messiah code has the words ARK BEARER, on the left side we have the words DISCIPLE WAS AFFLICTED.


Fifth code found on RayEl Messiah - Accompanied Colleague.


The following 4 codes were found using the alternative Hebrew word for Messiah.






More information can be found at www.LordRayEl.org