The Following Bible Codes were found with Keys to the Bible software.


 The largest storm ever recorded - TYPHOON HAIYAN


Main term reads - Wikileaks what Knowledge. the word DOCUMENT also runs backwards through KNOWLEDGE which ties in with the word DUPLICATOR, WIKILEAKS certainly caused a CONVULSION amongst the goverments of the world. GARROTTE 

Jeriel = God has seen. Jecoliah = God makes able. Issay = Yahweh is salvation. RAYEL I Am The Lord.

Torah Codes have been discovered on Julian Assange and posted in the Celebrity Codes page.


 The Crop Circle is a continuing phenomena that have many intellectuals studying their patterns for encoded messages. 

CROP CIRCLE only appearred once throughout the Torah. The word CALIBRATE appeared 4 times in the matrix, i have shown 2 to keep the matrix clearer. TO THE INTELLECT WATCH.

 more information on Crop Circles can be found at


Main term reads - Exhausted Fukushima Sodden From. 


Legal Hashish - to the Underworld - a craving for. 



Yin and Yang Beauty - Torah code.